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Andre Harris

Andre Harris, a 29-year-old man, grew up in New York City, nurtured by a loving family that prioritized education and hard work. His father was a respected community leader, and his mother worked as a dedicated nurse. At 16, Andre's life took a sharp turn when his family relocated to Atlanta. Struggling to adapt, he found himself drawn into the street life, seeking acceptance and belonging in a new, unfamiliar environment.

In Atlanta, Andre quickly bonded with Rod, and Gary, two other street-savvy guys. The trio started with small-time hustles, but their ambitions grew when Rod’s cousin, a major drug dealer, moved to Atlanta. Working under Rod's cousin, Andre, Rod, and Gary are trying to expand their operations, taking on more significant risks and reaping larger rewards. Despite his growing involvement in crime, Andre maintained a close friendship with Rod while holding on to a deep secret that constantly threatened to unravel his world.

Now 30, Andre is deeply entrenched in the drug trade, operating under the guidance of Rod’s cousin. His life is a delicate balance of loyalty, ambition, and hidden desires, as he navigates the dangerous underworld while concealing his betrayal of his best friend. The tension between his good upbringing and his current life of crime creates a complex character constantly at odds with himself.

Age Requirement: 25-30
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