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Around My Way (Atlanta Web Series)

"Around My Way" is a web series inspired by the TV series "The Wire". In "Around My Way (Atlanta)," the gritty streets of Atlanta become the new battleground as Rika, Rod, and Jamel vie for dominance over the lucrative drug trade. This high-stakes spin-off from the original "Around My Way (Boston)" brings the intense power struggles and raw urban drama to the heart of the South. Each character brings their own strengths and ambitions to the table, igniting fierce rivalries and uneasy alliances as they navigate the treacherous underworld.

Rika’s arrival in Atlanta disrupts the fragile balance of power that Brandon Jackson has fought hard to maintain. Known for his ruthless control and strategic mind, Brandon now faces a formidable adversary in Rika, whose ambitions and connections threaten to upend his empire. As tensions rise, Rod and Jamel find themselves caught in the crossfire, each pursuing their own agendas while grappling with loyalty, betrayal, and survival.

The series delves into the complex lives of its characters, exploring their backstories and motivations as they clash over territory and influence. With the city's drug trade in turmoil, "Around My Way (Atlanta)" delivers a compelling narrative of ambition, conflict, and resilience, set against the vibrant and dangerous backdrop of Atlanta’s streets. As alliances shift and power dynamics evolve, the fight for control will test the limits of loyalty and the true cost of ambition.

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